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Suncom Company History
2016 April        Selected as a host for assignment of developing technology for IMO next generation Maritime Safety Comprehensive Management System. (Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, 23.6 billion won, 5 years) – KR hosted consortium.
May        Developed satellite communication based real-time mobile push system to establish vessel smart work, and attained the patent. (Patent No. 10-1623896)
2015 Nov        ‘On-line training for crew on board using satellite communication.’ Enterprise Service Development R&D Project (Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA), 200 million won, 1-year assignment.
Oct        ‘Satellite communication based mobile push system to establish vessel smart work, Nurimaru R&D project, (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP), 270 million won, 2-year assignment.
Oct        ‘Technology Innovation Development R&D Project for multiplex communication vessel gateway between vessel and onshore. (Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA), 620 million won, 2-year assignment.
June        Attained a patent on e-navigation system for small & medium size vessel to prevent maritime distresses and accidents (Patent No. 10-1531947)
April        Korea Squid Jigging Association - Won the project for e-fishery recording system for 67 vessels working on the Russian sea.
2014 July        The National Archives of Korea – Won the display showcase research project using advanced technology.
Feb        Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries – won the project for the deep-sea fishing vessel’s fishery monitoring system
2013 Sept        The National Archives of Korea – won the project for RFID document management system.
July        Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) – won the project for the satellite data link solution development for Vessel Meteorological Observation System.
June        Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd – won the project for the development of Barge ship tracking service using INMARSAT.
April        STX – won the project for the development of vessel MMS (Electronic Manual Management System) using Satellite communication.
March        Attained the patent on marine accident safety management system (Patent No. 10-1250858)
2012 July        Won the public project for u-based safety management system for vessel and crew. (National Information Society Agency (NIA), Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, and City of Busan.)
Dec        Awarded and certified as Outstanding Enterpriser from the City of Busan (No. 1353)
2011 March        Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. – Completed the installation of vessel communication network (SK Telecom) using ShipPLC and wireless 3GS convergence technology for the vessel under construction, as a pilot project.
June        Selected as a participant for a ship-building convergence IT technology development project as a local specialization project for Gyeongnam Robot Industry Foundation (the development of remote medical system for vessels)
Suncom Company History
Before Selected as a supplier of long distance tracking system and a contractor for issuing certificates, designated by Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
Contracted for the development and supply of submarine optical cable protection system for KT international Submarine Network Operation Center (SNOC)
STX PAN OCEAN – supplied the INMARSAT e-mail solution for 130 vessels under management.
MSC Swiss - supplied the INMARSAT e-mail solution and contracted for establishing network for 600 vessels under management. (Export)