4S M2M System

4S M2M System IsatData Pro

Prompt global M2M communication service for vessels, tugboats, working ships,
and fishing boats is provided through real-time satellite detection.

IDP-690, served worldwide, supports the duplex communication and real-time satellite tracking system through IsatData Pro network, and increases operation of the real-time fleet. It offers more data at lower price.

It is ideal for the tugboats, supporting boats, working ships, and fishing boats, which are the assets that power is supplied, and IDP690 is optimized to maritime environment.
It is suitable for the rugged environment and low-altitude area, and it is highly reliable device in maritime environment with low maintenance cost.

  • Offers fortified real-time fleet tracking
  • Duplex communication through 4th generation INMARSAT
  • Can be used in extreme temperature and rugged maritime environment stably.
  • Supports low angle using a maritime application
  • Integrated GPS 8 Channels
  • Dimension : 10.1 X 12.6 X X12.6
  • Operating Temperature : - 40 ~ +80°CC
  • Weight : 460g