Marine Solution

Illegal Unreported Unregulated (IUU) Fisheries Management System
In order to eradicate illegal unreported unregulated fishing (IUU) of Korean pelagic fishing vessels, this system monitors and controls all fishing operations in regulated water zone in real-time basis by real-time monitoring of location information of all pelagic fishing vessels by using satellite communication. Korea was classified as preliminary illegal unreported unregulated fishing country in 2013 by U.S.A and E.U, but it was released from the preliminary illegal unreported unregulated fishing country in April 2015 by adopting this system.
e-Fisheries Reporting System
Under the Korean Russian Fisheries Agreement, the control regulation for the fishing vessels operating in Russian zone has been tightened so it is required for fishing vessels to report entering into and leaving from the zone, daily fishing performance and location through their own terminal by individual fishing vessel directly. ShipDIS ER101 system has been developed by using INMARSAT-D service, which is available to save cost by approx. 70% comparing to common satellite communication.
Maritime Safety Management System
When fishing vessel encounters maritime distress circumstance, for immediate rescue of vessel and crews, this system utilizes satellite and Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) on life jackets for real time tracking and monitoring of victims' location, which may be changed by current from the initial distressed location, providing accurate location information to rescue organizations.
Submarine Cable Protection System
Integrated system consisted of surveillance vessel tracking, manhole surveillance, radar alert system and etc.
to protect and manage Submarine fiber-optic cable of KT Submarine center.
After introducing, we “zero-rized” submarine cable accident which originally was more that 30 billion.
Development of Software for Vessel