Vessel Cloud Server

ShipCloud Server ShipCloud

ShipCloud server is a server system that is optimized to a vessel, and it offers a feature that it can be easily operated (maintain/backup/restore) without the assistant of expert during voyage; vessel’s valuable IT assets can be protected through low investment on Client PC, response to blackout, information security, prevention of data leakage, and real time vaccine updates.

  • Auto Shutdown of Built-in UPS
  • Distributing anti-virus database
  • Easy System Recovery
  • Automatic shutdown for blackout
  • Sending backup log files to shore
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Automatic System Backup
  • Network Drive for each user
  • Managing backup schedule
  • Remote Maintenance
  • 1It can save cost compare to existing client PCs using VDI.
  • 2ShipCloud server can be used with existing monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Smart Fleet Management using ShipCloud System

Cost can be saved and data would be protected through IT asset management and efficient management method for newly built vessels and vessels in operation.