Vessel Email

Vessel e-mail ShipOffice

Vessels are in a unique environment that is difficult to communicate compare to on shore; therefore, communication services such as data, telephone, fax, and emails are provided through Inmarsat terminals.
ShipOffice is a solution that transmits data between a vessel and on shore using Inmarsat, and it offers vessel e-mail, ERP system and vessel location monitoring service.

  • 1) Offers email service and various other optional contents
  • 2) Updates Anti-Virus Vaccine through satellite in real-time by compressing it to small size.
  • 3) Offers a firewall feature using an IP Filter feature.
  • 4) Offers automatic compression of attachment files. (in case of bmp files, files are compress up to 99% in maximum.)
  • 5) Offers S2S using a DB transmission feature between land and vessel using a satellite dedicated protocol
  • 6) Supports administrator on shore.