Vessel Electronic Report System

e-Fisheries Reporting System

e-Fisheries Reporting System was installed and operated in the vessel entering Russia for the time in Korea.
It contains various contents that are needed for safe voyage and fishery of vessels entering Russian sea, such as electronic arrival and departure report, daily fishery report, and automatic distress alarm transmission; it is developed using INMARSAT-D which can save the fee about 70% compare to common satellite communications.

    • 1Fishery report
    • 2Distress alarm transmission and reception
    • 3Arrival and departure report
    • 4Satellite text messages
    • 5VMS and fishery monitoring

Vessel operation record reporting system

Very efficient marine communication environment is supported using vessel LTE-M and FB satellite terminal, and remote CCTV monitoring using LTE-M marine communication.
It is a system that automatically records the status of the vessel operation and the course data, and electronically reports the daily report.
It was developed as the operation record system for transmitting a monitoring activity report from a submarine cable monitoring vessel of International Submarine Cable Center; it is being used in littoral sea of Busan, Geoje Island, and Jeju Island

    • 1Operation Record Report
    • 2Monitoring Activity Report
    • 3CCTV Monitoring
    • 4CCTV Recording