Smart Ship

IMO Next-Generation Maritime Safety Total Management System Technology Project
Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries – KR supervised consortium )
Developed of CCTV monitoring system using LTE-M maritime communication
System to monitor vessel’s camera remotely from Shore Control Center by installing FleetOne Satellite terminal, CCTV camera and ERS terminal and to report service log via internet using LTE-M maritime communication
(KT international submarine center)
Developed and launched XC network ship combining In-board network and maritime communication LTE-M
Next generation maritime communication, LET-M can use LTE service up to 100km on the sea as in the land.
LTE-M provides communicating mean for small ships and enables to communicate big-sized multimedia data fast even on the sea as like in the land.
Supplied “WithSea” mobile push gateway Shore to Sea SNS Application for sailors and their families. Satellite communicating real time mobile push-system and it’s patent For realizing smart ship network.
(reg. no: 10-1623896)
Test deployment ShipPLC and Wireless 3GS convergence technology ship communication In Under-constructing Ship
(HHIS – SK Teleccom)