Vessel Tracking Solution

Provides monitoring solution with various devices from ship and shore by collecting location information from INMARSAT-C/D, VHF-DSC and AIS

VMS(Vessel Monitoring System )
This system displays Vessel Positional Information transmitted through vessel position identification device (INMARSAT-C/D, VHF-DSC, AIS, etc) on electronic navigation chart via web or own monitoring system, so that navigation information and location tracking can be monitored without additional server. This service can be used by paying monthly fee.
ECS (Electronic Chart System)
ECS displays the ECS integrates and displays the information from electronic navigational charts, position information, Digital Nautical Charts (DNC), heading and speed of vessel and the depth of water. (S-57 ENC plat formed)
VTS (Vehicle Tracking System)
A vehicle tracking system provides data such as current location information, driven distance or route of vehicle registered in this system at VTS control center. It can set 'no driving zone' and 'out-zone' of vehicle and it gives real-time alarm in emergency case. It can be used in military vehicles, special-purpose vehicles, door-to-door delivery truck and long distance truck. It can monitor dangerous circumstance.